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01:53pm 11/08/2005
mood: indifferent
random thought:

i used to be wise beyond my years... the years caught up with me, now i'm a asshole
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08:00pm 18/11/2004
  comment on my weak entrie

test, test
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here to stay?   
03:26am 19/05/2003
mood: refreshed
hello everyone (anyone)
i guess sense school is out i should update more often, as always no promises.
i wont even begin to catch up from where i last left off, but here are some things that you might be interested in:
-i've been going out with Jenni for over 7 months
-i've been working at Burger King for 9 months
-there are 5 more day left of school...forever
-i leave for boot camp September 10 2003 (jenni is counting down the days, she's so depressed)
-my open house is June 21st everyone is invited, contact me for directions if you don't know where i live...you'll note i haven't told you a time, there isn't one yet...but i'll get back to you on that soon
lately i've been in a school, work, and (minimal) sleep rut, occasionally i go to see my beautiful Jenni at her house, soon i can eliminate the most time consuming part of that rut, and add more jenni and visit more friends ----->12 years of school, and now it's over, ... //sigh good luck to everyone
hehehe, i just reemed out karl for his lack of publishing/editing skills...view his lj here
i'm sorry Karl, but i had to do it :D
i'm very rageful ...
AdjstngMyJohnson (3:17:55 AM): rageful isn't a word?
AdjstngMyJohnson (3:17:59 AM): as in full of rage
AdjstngMyJohnson (3:18:11 AM): i am rageful
AdjstngMyJohnson (3:18:19 AM): screw it i'm using the word anyways
Medlir (3:18:26 AM): haha
Medlir (3:19:05 AM): That's funny... you make up a word and then to describe the word you;ve made up, you say the phrase that you should use instead of the made-up word. :P

okay, now my mind is turning into mush, 3:26am now, i should go to sleep, i have school in the morning

06:55pm 30/04/2002
mood: amused
Town's i would like to live in:
Toast NC
Lizard Lick NC
Intercourse PA
Monkey's Eyebrow KT
Gun Barrel City TX
Hell MI
and my personal favorate...
Toad Suck AR
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